The Process of Obtaining your EB-5 Green Card through the Regional Center Program


Step One-Selecting a Project and making the Investment:   A $500,000 investment plus administrative fees must be paid through a Federally Approved Regional Center towards an investor-selected project.  The investor must be able to prove the legal source of investment fund made. The investment fund will be returned to the person if the EB-5 green card is not granted.

Step Two-Begin the EB-5 Immigration Application Process: After selecting an investment project and paying the full amount for such investment, the investor should contact an Attorney to begin the EB-5 immigration application process. 

Step Three-I-526 Petition: Attorney will gather all required documents and submit an I-526 petition. With premium processing, it should take 21 working days to receive a response from the U.S. Immigration Service regarding the petition approval.

Step Four-Two Year Conditional Green Card: After I-526 petition approval, an investor, living in the United States, does not need to leave the country. The Attorney will assist investor in submitting an application to the U.S. immigration service to adjust status. Once the investor has passed the physical exam and background check, he or she will receive the conditional green card. If Investor is living overseas, the Attorney will assist by preparing the investor in his or her visit with the U.S. Consulate Office to apply for the EB-5 visa and enter the United States with the Visa. It will take about 6-8 months to receive the conditional green card from the time the I-526 petition has been filed.

Step Five-Permanent Green Card: Ninety days before the conditional green card expires, the investor will need to submit an I-829 petition to the U.S. Immigration Service. Once approved, the investor will receive a permanent green card.

Step Six-U.S. Citizenship: Five years after receiving the conditional green card, the investor may apply for U.S. Citizenship. The investor must show that he/she has been issued the green card for five years and has lived in the United States totaling more than 30 months. The investor must also have good moral character, speak/listen/read and write basic English and be at least eighteen years of age. Children under eighteen are automatically naturalized if at least one parent is a United States Citizen.