If you have cumulative assets worth less than $150,000, a Will may be a substitute for a Living Trust. However, if you do not fit within this very specific situation, it is likely that you will need a Living Trust to avoid probate. Our office will prepare for you a Last Will and Testament called a Pour Over Will which is included in the Living Trust Package.

A Pour Over Will cancels out any previous wills you may have made, names your EXECUTOR, and, if you have any minor children at death, names a GUARDIAN for them.  However, the Pour Over Will does not give anything at death to your heirs.  Rather, the Pour Over Will is designed to distribute any assets not funded into your Living Trust to your Revocable Living Trust.  This makes sure your assets are all given out by the terms of your Revocable Living Trust.  In short, the beneficiary of this Will is your Trust.